Ben Hammond

Denver Developer && Song Builder

I'm an endlessly curious web developer with 15+ years performing and operating a tech-forward music business. I am a graduate of McGill University and General Assembly, living in Denver, Colorado with my family.

I am currently employed by the Morehouse School of Medicine, proudly working as a software engineer on the open-source Health Equity Tracker, which was built by and is now further expanded by the Satcher Health Leadership Institute.

I believe deeply in the power of music and technology to uplift our communities, so please reach out if I can help or answer any questions you may have. Let's build something together!

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Current Role: Senior Software Engineer (Team Lead)
Health Equity Tracker Project
Health Equity Tracker

Free-to-use data visualization platform enabling new insights into the impact of COVID-19 and other social and political determinants of health on historically underrepresented groups in the US; built collaboratively by and continuously expanded by the Satcher Health Leadership Institute

Role details
  • Ownership of Health Equity Tracker frontend, coordinating MVP hand-off from to our small team and continuing development into an award-winning platform.
  • Personally achieved: 90% reduction in dataset transfer sizes by adding gzip Express middleware, 85% improvement on bundle sizes by code-splitting and lazy-loading React components, and another 84% reduction in data shipped on our slowest reports (100% faster load times) by refactoring Airflow DAGs, setting permissions with Terraform and using SQL to query and export dramatically smaller JSON files.
  • Personally quadrupled the number of trackable data types, completing research and writing new Python modules that process datasets across disparate sources using Pandas; Docker to containerize and upload for execution on GCP Cloud Run / BigQuery.
  • Addressed over 170 accessibility audit items, adding screen-reader navigation to our Vega and D3 visualizations and making open-source contributions to NPM packages that improved usability for hundreds of thousands of users
  • Architected an integrated blog and content management system, utilizing a headless Wordpress dashboard and incorporating content directly using React Query persisted via local storage.
  • Representing our organization in communications with NPR, CDC, Rutgers and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; collaboration with outside agencies to allow for problem-free insertion of newly designed components.
  • Improved codebase health by incorporating a systematic approach to our design system and development, standardizing implementation methods (inconsistent mix of Material UI and inline styles) and enforcing a select set of SASS variables throughout to minimize design drift. Included expanded tests to all new functionality; identified the lack of “end to end” testing and implemented coverage using Playwright, added missing Typescript custom typing to expedite development and prevent errors.
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Recent Side Projects Project
Dev Portfolio

Ongoing project allowing me to experiment with new web tech in a low-stakes environment; currently forked from a template using Astro for server side generated pages. Dynamically pulls in my recent blog posts with GraphQL at build time.

GraphQL Professional Musician Site Project
Music Site

Refactored my professional music site to incorporate modern web best-practices and allow seamless CI/CD with Netlify and GitHub; filterable song search for improved user experience. Configured multiple components using secure server page routes to authenticate access to Spotify API and render data visualizations of repertoire meta-data.

Little Cabin Project
Little Cabin
Securely share your family's get-away and memories

Fullstack Python App with Django. Created this web app to provide my extended family integrated property management tools. Syncs consensus-based scheduling with Google Calendar API using a Google Cloud Platform service account; Heroku deployment required customized configuration to generate required credentials file. “Demo” logs in a pre-authenticated account and programmatically generates additional test accounts with tiered authentication and incoming action requests to demonstrate user-to-user interactions. Prioritizes responsive design with media queries and CSS variables; persistent dark mode toggle selection.

GigBoard Project
MERN stack web app connecting gig-workers

Uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, user stories, and an internal RESTful API. CRUD functionality restricted per user status; offers custom encrypted registration or Google OAuth login. Project-managed team of 6, utilizing GitHub's agile board to delegate and to minimize merge conflicts. Wrote 3 technical posts, assisting team members with deployments and environmental variables; provided hands-on assistance on multiple occasions and helped instructor solve another team's bug. Personally contributed across the stack: scaffolding functional React components; dynamic searching; hooks for state management and side-effects; assisted with JWT process.

Tanks Game Project
Classic artillery game, built in 1 week

Incorporated programmatically generated terrain and collision detection / destruction, gravity, scalable multiplayer mode, and responsive design.

HTML Canvas
Family Friendly Project
Family Friendly
Crowd-sourced help for caregivers of all genders

Delegates and restricts users' CRUD permissions with OAuth2; plots user location and data with Google Maps API; integrates a deployed MongoDB Atlas NoSQL database; internally operates a RESTful API backend in Node/Express with EJS templating.

Express / EJS
Gig Uploader Project
Gig Uploader
Boost music promotion with web-scraping

Automate gig promotion by programmatically submitting to multiple online event services. User inputs details into a local .xls spreadsheet, and the data is uploaded publicly to Songkick, BandsInTown, Strumsy, and privately to Dubsado. Further integration propagates this information to Spotify, Google, a user's Google Calendar, and many more locations.

Let's build something together!

Email me, or connect on GitHub and LinkedIn.

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